Customizing Your Furniture Set at HomeleganceFurnitureOnline

At EleganceFurnitureDirect, we not only offer a wide variety of items, we also offer a wide variety of configurations allowing you to customize your order to suit your home’s specific needs.

To add additional pieces to the furniture that it already included in the collection, start by seeing what comes with the collection. Take for example the Prenzo Round Dining Collection by Homelegance, click on See what is included, found directly below the price.

This brings you to Items Included in this Set. From here you can adjust the quantities of each item within the collection by using the drop down box located to the right of each item, in order to accommodate your specifications. For example, you can add or take away chairs to better accommodate your dining room or the size of your family.

Once you have adjusted the quantities, the price will adjust itself to your requested configuration.

Additionally, you can remove items from collections to suit your room’s dimensions, décor preferences or budget. Take for instance, the Glengate Sectional Collection by Homelegance, start by clicking on See what is included.

In order to remove an item from the collection, simply move the quantity down to zero. Please make sure to note the dimensions of each component while ordering your set, making certain that the length of the configuration accommodates your space properly.

The price will adjust itself immediately.

The options do not end with the living room, also customize your home office to optimize your workspace, take for example the Hanna Corner Office in White by Homelegance, start by clicking on See what is included.

Depending on your home office needs and office equipment, you can add or take away pieces in order to properly house all of your office equipment and accessories.

When looking at sets with customizable configurations, make sure to look at the entire page, as more often than not you will find Additional Pieces at the bottom of the page. These items correspond with the set and help you to further customize your set to your needs. As with all of the components, you can adjust the quantities to suit your space.

As with all of our sets or collections, with any adjustments made, the price will automatically adjust itself.

Should you have any questions regarding any of our merchandise or any specific configuration, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-996-8221 and one of our Customer Service Representatives will be more than happy to assist you.